Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jenny McCarthy Rides the Sybian

Todays show was sooo HOT for me, Jenny McCarthy is so f'ing hot!!!, I'm a married girl, but I'm into girls and I must let you know, I was listening at work and I had to go to the ladies restroom and play with myself...the story about jenny and jenna it just can't get any hotter...but I have a great suggestion...given the diferences between the 2 stories, what about, bring in both of them together to the show and get the real version of what happened, make them get on the sibyan together or at least give you a peak of what that movie (jenna & jenny's porn) that you are willing to produce ;-)... I would love to come in and F both of them! I hope you consider my proposal... Love you all and you rock my world!


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